CovID-19 Information

Authentic TKD (Kegworth and Sutton Bonington classes) – CovID-19 Information.

We are in no way panicking about the Coronavirus, nor do we wish to raise alarm. However, we do feel that we should take it seriously and plan to protect students and their families to the best of our ability.

We have, for now, stopped the sharing of hand pads where germs may spread between student to student more easily. All of the equipment is wiped down regularly and we will minimise the spread of any germs the best we can.

We strongly recommend that if you are feeling at all unwell that you refrain from training where you may spread any illness to others. We would also remind everyone that hand washing facilities are available in the toilet areas at both Kegworth and Sutton Bonington and can be used by everyone if you should need to wash your hands during your visit.

In the unlikely event the government does suggest a “lock-down” type plan, we will close the classes temporarily.

Closing for 2 weeks due to CovID-19 should that become a need would mean classes paid for, which you were unable to attend will be managed in the following way.

Every student would receive a FREE grading from Authentic TKD, so at their next coloured belt grading, it would be totally FREE of charge.

Catch up lessons can also be arranged.

Further updates will be added as and when necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to read the notice.

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