Visit to Manchester GB Taekwondo Centre

Whether you are from ITF or WT we are all able to make our own choices in how we train.

Today I had the honour of supporting one of our students from Authentic Taekwon-Do, who made it to the Fighting Chance Phase 1 assessment to test their abilities and desire to make it in the Olympic sport of Taekwondo, at the Manchester GB Taekwondo Centre. To make it this far was a great achievement in itself, as GB Taekwondo have received more applications this year than ever before.

GB Taekwondo deserves a pat on the back, for the professional way in which this assessment was carried out. All staff were professional and polite. Whether you were from WT, ITF or Kickboxing, the candidates were treated in the same manner and made to feel that the day was all about them.

Congratulations Poppy, this was one small step, or should I say, ‘kick’ on a much larger adventure!

We also made new friends throughout the day, which is always good on a personal and also an educational level!

Taekwon to everyone

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